Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How long have you been in business?

We have been making jewelry since 1974.  This year we are celebrating our 40th year in business!

Q:  Do you have a store where I can see your jewelry?

No, our silver jewelry is only available online.  We operate from a jewelry studio that is not open to the public.  However, our gold jewelry is sold in jewelry stores and art galleries across the US.  

Q:  Is your jewelry available in other metals?

Yes, we offer upgrades to 14 karat gold in white or yellow, platinum, 316 L stainless steel and  Continuum sterling silver.  Your ring size will be needed to give you an accurate quote.

Q:  What if I don't know my ring size?

Don't guess!  The best idea is to go to a local jeweler or two and get your finger sized accurately.  Try to use a ring sizer close to the same width as the ring you will be purchasing.  Do not use the paper sizers you can download from the internet.  These are not accurate and should not be used.  An accurate size is very important with inlay jewelry because the rings are difficult to size once the stones are set.

Q:  How do I get my significant other's ring size and keep it a secret?

Unless you are able to sneak a ring that you know fits (the correct finger) to a jeweler to measure the size, there really isn't a good option.  We suggest that you purchase the sample ring, if it is available, present it and then go get properly sized by a jeweler.  Some customers print out a nice photo of the ring and wrap the photo as a gift and then go together to get sized. 

Q:  What if I order the wrong ring size?

If the size is not too far off (1/4 to 1/2 size) the ring can be resized with a laser welder for a small charge.  There is a risk that the stones could be cracked or damaged during the sizing and any damage due to sizing will be repaired and charged to the customer.

Q:  How long will it take to make my new jewelry?

Our typical production time is 3 to 6 weeks.  The time varies based on our work load.  We may be able to rush your order if you have a short deadline.  Please include your due date with your order.  We have never missed a delivery date!

Q:  Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, you can call and place your order by phone and set up a payment plan.  We will begin work when we have received half of the amount due and will ship the jewelry once the final payment has been made.  Bill Me Later through PayPal is also an option.

Q:  What type of dinosaur does the bone used in your dinosaur bone jewelry come from?

It is difficult to say what specific dinosaur the bone we use came from.  The bone we use isn't in the form of a complete bone but is in big chunks.  The size of the bone suggests that it was once a part of large dinosaur's leg bone or other large bone.  

Q:  Do you offer a warranty or guarantee your work?

We guarantee that your jewelry is free of defects when it is shipped to you.  If you receive your new jewelry and notice a problem send it back and we will take care of the problem.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer a warranty because we cannot control how the customer wears the jewelry or cares for it.  Our jewelry will last a lifetime if worn with common sense and removed before rough activities.  See our policies

Q:  What is your return policy?

We have a 10 day return policy for items that are not special orders or made to order in your size.  All items must be in new condition.  Read all policies

Q:  What if I break one of the stones in my ring?

It's not the end of the world!  We can drill out the broken piece and replace it with a new matching one for a reasonable cost.  Just email us a photo or return the ring to us and we will give you an estimate.

Q:  Do you offer a non tarnishing sterling silver?

Yes, we offer a great new sterling silver alloy called Continuum.  It is highly tarnish resistant and is much more durable than standard sterling silver.  We highly recommend it for all wedding rings or daily wear jewelry.  It's a small upgrade charge but well worth it.  Stainless steel is also an option.